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Ohme Geodesic Domes

The design of the Ohme Dome Hub was born from the desire to improve the existing connecting method used in the late 1970s. As a pattern-making student at Minneapolis Technical College, Dale (Young Moldy at the time) set out to build a one piece all-angles-included connector that would accept square-cut lumber. Dale Ohme received patent approval of the Ohme Dome Hub design in 1982.

The goal was to manufacture his patented cast aluminum connectors and sell them with cutting templates and assembly instructions to contractors, do-it-youselfers and anyone else interested in an energy efficient, super strong Dome structure. The braintrust in the Ohme Enterprises Dome venture felt the timing of such a venture was not right and decided to limit any marketing/development to a "back burner" status. Fast forward 25 years. The time is now! Ohme Enterprises has completed all the steps to manufacture a line of cast connectors that can build geodesic domes from 12 feet to 48 feet in diameter!

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